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Introduction to Palawan Island

Located at the south westernmost part of the Philippines, Palawan Island is the largest province in the country in terms of land area. This seemingly remote island is also known as “The Last Frontier” mainly due to the fact that it is one of the most protected areas in the country. It is blessed with incredibly awesome landscape that astounds even the most indifferent visitors. Aside from that, it is also a sanctuary to an amazing variety of fauna and flora found nowhere else. Palawan is also an idyllic paradise with an invitingly calm atmosphere and natural themes of tropical bliss. Consider that this island is a perfect playground for an adventurous person. It is a great getaway from the tiring daily grind of work and an ideal place to take time out from life’s pressures.

It is believed that the name of Palawan came from a Chinese word that means a safe beautiful harbor. Another theory is that the Spanish named the place after the shape of the main island that resembles a closed umbrella. Palawan’s history reaches far back even before the Philippines was under the colonial rule. Relics like porcelain and jars found on the islands date back from the country’s pre-colonial era and this also means that the early inhabitants of this small archipelago were actively engaged in trade.

People come to Palawan for its beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, dive sites, caves, and other ecotourism destinations. Some of the popular sites are the Palawan Underground River, Amanpulo Palawan, Tigman Beach, Manikit Hot Springs, Estrella Falls, Mangit Cave, and Miniloc Island Lagoons. Diving is also a huge attraction in Palawan. The place has a variety of diving sites to thrill diving enthusiasts.

Palawan has 3 major islands, namely Coron, El Nido and its capital Puerto Princesa. Puerto Princesa is also the largest city in the Philippines. Despite being an urban area, most of the cities are still covered by dense forests and mountain ranges. This makes it the greenest city in the country, which boasts of clean fresh air and cleaner environment. This city is rich in powdery and pristine white beaches. The clear emerald like waters is a great fascination. People come to Puerto Princesa not only for the dive sites that abound in the area, but also for its wonderful festivities, amusement sites, amazing beaches, water sports and nature trails. People are also attracted to this place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the wonders of this tropical paradise.

It also consists of several unexplored islands at the outskirts of South China Sea and Sulu Sea. Its people comprise of several ethnic groups such as Muslim, Filipino, Indian, and Chinese. The culture there brings a strong influence mostly from the Muslim community. It is also a popular tourist spot.

In terms of economical strength it relies more on agriculture and its natural reserves. The primary goods of Palawan are corn, rice, coconut, and wheat. Notable minerals are nickel, copper, manganese, and chromites. Logging is also a major industry of Palawan. Not to mention, it’s an ideal fishing ground too. Palawan is the only place where the entire country gets oil reserves. Additionally, the economy of Palawan relies heavily on its rich biodiversity and progressive ecotourism.

Why Choose Palawan

Palawan Island can be considered as a tropical paradise due to its vast natural resources – mountain ranges, tropical rainforests, mangroves, beaches, coral reefs, and clear blue waters are its best assets. It is also known as having one of the most beautiful seascapes in the world. Palawan is usually associated with excellent, world-renowned, beaches that entice its visitors along with a rich and diverse set of various natural wonders that are simply mesmerizing.

Ideally, Palawan is a nice place to visit if you are thinking of enjoying  tropical nature. The weather there is either sunny or partly cloudy with occasional rains. Like the rest of this tropical country, Palawan gets a lot of rainfall during the months of June to December. January to May give favorable weather and is perfect for a summer escapade. The summer months still remain as the peak season for tourists and travelers.

Tourists spend time on visiting the island for adventuring, fishing, diving, and tanning on a white sandy beach. There are a couple of notable tourist sites. There are also several wildlife parks where you can see rare animal species and plants. Most of the time, tourists spend their time snorkeling coral reefs in the nearby islands.

Visitors and guests will never find it hard to look for a place to eat in Palawan. The Palawan hotels or the resorts in Palawan that you are staying at will likely have a bar or restaurant where you can grab a bite. You’ll find the best Filipino dishes and international cuisines merging here in different flavors.

International cookery is also widely available to serve the continuous influx of tourists. Since the city is urbanized, fast foods are also all over the place for a quick bite for some doughnuts, pizzas or even burgers. Palawan also borrows many dishes from Visayas and Mindanao. A distinct characteristic of the island cuisine, however, is the use of green mangoes as a souring agent in many dishes. First class hotels and resorts have fine dining and theme restaurants which offer catering services.

So, if you ever wondered what Bangkok looked like before the high rise hotels, the 1780 emerald isles of Palawan could be your last chance to find out. Palawan is a must see for the traveler who appreciates the majesty and splendor of nature. Every island is an adventure!

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