Discover Why Palawan is a Good Place for Eating and Drinking


Eat, drink and be merry. It might be an overused expression but it’s one that the many vacationers of Palawan find true where the province is concerned. Palawan, boasting of pristine beaches and picturesque seascapes, is a tropical island in the Philippines where you can actually eat fresh-caught seafood endlessly. Indeed, what could be more […]

Discover Snorkeling and the Best Sites to Snorkel in Palawan


Because it doesn’t require much experience and skill, snorkeling is fast becoming the leisure activity for sea vacationers. Snorkeling is going swimming underwater while wearing a mask and a special kind of tube called a snorkel. Compared to scuba diving, it can be done anytime, anywhere by almost anybody. As long as you can swim, […]

The Top 5 Sites for Diving in Palawan


Palawan, dubbed as one of the most beautiful places in the world, is a haven for many divers. It is where the world-famous World War II sunken wrecks can be found, conveniently submerged in water just 10 meters deep. The allure of the bone-chilling, ghost-like experience of being around the wrecks that have become the […]

Why Palawan Sea Kayaking is Becoming a Top Island Activity


Palawan in the southwestern part of the Philippines is home to many crystalline beaches, stunning seascapes, hidden lakes, awe-inspiring limestone cliffs and diverse underwater life. There are many small islands and inlands in Palawan, accessible by land and sea. A wide variety of activities are available to tourists, from hiking to snorkeling and island-hopping. Each […]